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Bonding and Sealants

Tooth bonding is a simple and highly effective solution to correct minor imperfections in the teeth. If you have a chipped tooth, minor spacing or alignment issues, or teeth that are abnormally sized, shaped, or colored, we can make it appear more perfect with tooth bonding. Dental sealants can protect your kids from cavities and tooth decay with a simple treatment. We use the same tooth-colored resin to paint over the surfaces of the teeth to seal out the acid that causes decay.

Implant Restoration

Do you have implants ready to restore?" We will do excellent service restoring implants for you!


Crowns and Bridges

Both crowns and most bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. Unlike removable devices such as dentures, which you can take out and clean daily, crowns and bridges are cemented onto existing teeth or implants and can only be removed by a dentist. Crowns are an ideal way to rebuild teeth which have been broken or weakened by decay or a very large filling.


If a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, your dentist will try to fix it with a filling, crown or other treatment. Sometimes, though, there's too much damage for the tooth to be repaired. In this case, the tooth needs to be extracted. A very loose tooth also will require extraction if it can't be saved, even with bone replacement surgery (bone graft).


Dental hygienists typically perform teeth cleanings. Our hygienists received special training and licensing to clean and polish teeth. The American Dental Association recommends a thorough and professional cleaning every 6 months, though some patients are prone to decay or have a history of gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) may need more frequent deep cleanings.

Partial and Complete Dentures

Full or partial tooth loss, if left untreated, doesn't just affect a person's self-image — it can also increase the risk of developing nutritional problems and other systemic health disorders. Fortunately, there's a reliable and time-tested method for treating this condition: full or partial dentures.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is an often straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. Patients typically need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. During root canal treatment, an endodontist who specializes in such treatment carefully removes the pulp inside the tooth. Then, the root canal is cleaned, disinfected, and shaped. Lastly, a filling is placed to seal the space.


Want a whiter and brighter smile? We’ve got you covered! We offer two at-home options that are sure to provide you with great results. Your first option is custom teeth whitening trays. We also offer disposable whitening trays that deliver a pre-loaded whitening strip onto your teeth. We will help you determine what will be the best method for you and walk you through the process to ensure you’re successful in achieving your desired result.

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